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"How many colours are available?"

We offer over 500 colours and can supply most British Standard (BS) or RAL (European) colours. Potential customers are more than welcome to view our colour charts at our workshop.

Alternatively our colour cards can be viewed by clicking the links below.

                              STANDARD COLOURS          BS RANGE         RAL RANGE

The gel coat is mixed individually for each kit we sell, which allows us to offer the large range of colours available and ensures we only use the freshest possible gel in our body shells, for the best possible results.

Due to the modern nature of the design of the Doon kit, we CANNOT offer gel coated metal flake finishes.

One of the key design features of the Doon is the finished return edge around the whole of the main body shell, which restricts the use of specialist spray equipment required to apply even flake at the moulding process. However, we feel that the benefits offered by the return edge in terms of strength and neatness of finished product far outweigh the ability to offer metal flake finishes.

That said, we can readily offer our kits in plain white unfinished form, which can then easily be sprayed in a modern metallic or retro metal flake finishes.

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