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"Which VW Beetle models are suitable for donor vehicles?"

All air-cooled VW Beetles 1200, 1300, 1500 and 1600 model numbers (any with a torsion bar front suspension in either ball-joint or king & link-pin form) are suitable as a Doon Buggy donor vehicle. Particularly sort after are donor vehicles registered before the 1st January 1974 as these will also be Road Tax exempt. Volksmagic are able to supply full donor vehicles on request.

The Doon has been designed to utilise as much of the original donor vehicle as possible to help minimise cost. The Doon kit can use the main chassis, suspension, brakes gearbox, engine, steering column, gauges, switch gear, fuel tank, bonnet locking mechanism and rear lights.  You could also, if you were so inclined, use the original seats, wheels and tyres although common sense dictates that new custom ones are possibly a better way to go!  The amount of original parts used depends on the condition of the donor vehicle and those parts. However most standard replacement parts are still available today at very reasonable prices. Volksmagic holds a full stock of quality second hand parts and can also supply new standard and custom beetle parts as required.

VW Beetle models designated 1302 or 1303 utilise a McPherson Strut front suspension which cannot be used on the Doon Buggy kit. However, these models generally have superior IRS rear suspension and and can be modified by changing the front headstock to except the earlier torsion bar suspension. This service can can also be completed by Volksmagic.

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