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Long Wheel Base

The Long Wheel Base (LWB) Doon Buggy was designed to provide a more practical 4 seater kit. The LWB uses a full length, unmodified classic VW beetle chassis and consequently has the added benefit of being IVA exempt.

The use of a full un-cut chassis provides a real easy build solution, almost as easy as simply replacing the old beetle bodyshell for a nice new fibreglass Doon Buggy body.

The extra length not only allows for rear seats to be fitted but also allows for modern wider front seats to be used (Audi TT are a current popular choice).

The LWB has a softer, more relaxed ride than the SWB version and can provide a good alternative choice for tall, long legged drivers who can struggle with the space limitations of the SWB.

The LWB kit is relatively easy to register with the DVLA as there is no need for IVA testing. Therefore the LWB Doon Buggy is a real practical choice for first time builders.

An article on how to register your LWB kit can be found at Chris Jordan’s excellent Doon L004 build website; www.chris-jordan.org.uk