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"What other parts are needed to finish a Doon and do you supply them?"

Assuming the chosen donor vehicle is in a relatively sound and useable condition then the only other parts that are required to complete a Doon buggy are front headlights, front indicators, rear lights and indicators, seats, wheels, tyres, rollover bar and wet weather gear.

Volksmagic can readily supply various styles of headlights and rear lights as well as having the capacity and knowledge to source and supply any other custom and performance parts required to finish your build.

Why choose the Doon ?

Which donor vehicles are suitable ?

What other parts are needed ?

Do I have to spray the kit ?

How can I pay ?

How many colours are available ?

Do you supply cages and hoods ?

How much shorter is the Short Wheel Base ?

Are Doon’s available in left hand drive ?

Do you deliver ?

Can I build one myself ?

How much do they cost to insure ?

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