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Kits and Prices

DOON BUGGIES standard kits are offered in a range of over 500 colours. All our kits come in a highly polished self coloured gel coat finish and all panels are fully trimmed and ready to bolt straight on.

SHORT WHEEL BASE   £1850  (plus VAT )

LONG WHEEL BASE    £1950  (plus VAT )

LWB SIDE PODS             £400  (plus VAT )

Both the short and long wheel base standard kits include the following;

In addition to the standard buggy kits, Volksmagic are able to provide all other parts to complete your buggy project, from front and rear light kits, to wheels, tyres, seats, roll-cages and all other mechanical parts. Please contact us to discuss all your requirements and for the most up to date prices and deals.

Short Wheel Base

Long Wheel Base

Kits & Prices


Side Pods

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