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Short Wheel Base

The Short Wheel Base (SWB) Doon Buggy was designed to symbolise the classic two seater style of the original 1960’s beach buggies. However the Doon Buggy is no child of the 60’s, but is full of features and style which help to modernise the ethos of the classic beach buggy design, or as we like to think of it;

“The Classic Evolves”

The SWB requires shortening of the original VW beetle chassis by 390mm, which requires an IVA* test once complete.

With the IVA* test in mind, the kit has been designed with a number of features to help with the test. For example a return lip around the whole of the main body tub, recessed speedo and switch mouldings on the dashboard and wide rear arches to cover wide wheels to name a few.

* IVA test = Individual Vehicle Approval test

Further information on the IVA test can be found at www.gov.uk. It is the sole responsibility of the builder to ensure their kit is built to the latest IVA test requirements and Doon or Volksmagic cannot be held responsible for any test failures or non-compliance issues in relation to that test.

Short Wheel Base

Long Wheel Base

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