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"Do I have to spray the kit?"

The simple answer is NO.

Our kits utilise gel coats which are ready coloured and when delivered come fully polished and trimmed. Therefore the cost of a new Doon kit compares very favourably with the cost of a decent re-spray on an older buggy shell and could provide a viable cost effective alternative.

At Doon we double gel all our shells, (2 layers of coloured surface) and even triple gel in areas of high polishing such as corners and rounded edges. This means that even if the kit unfortunately gets scratched it is likely that in most cases the mark can be polished out without passing through to the Glass Reinforced Plastic layers beneath. In addition this helps prevent the GRP fibres from being seen through the gel coat, a problem that can be seen on many GRP manufactured kit cars.

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Do I have to spray the kit ?

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